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dog sitting on grass in front of food and water bowls
Jul 08

Dog Friendly Restaurants in St. Louis

by Family Attractions Card in Family Fun, Local Eats category

dog sitting on grass in front of food and water bowls

Your four-legged, furry friends would follow you anywhere if they could, and luckily, more than a handful of St. Louis restaurants respect that bond and are happy to fly a dog friendly flag at their establishment.

And let’s face it: whether you’re sharing a glass of vino with friends or trying out the new menu at your favorite restaurant – everything’s better with your best friend at your side.

Granted, your pooch would be happy enough darting through any of the great dog parks in town or watching championship breeds do their thing at Purina Farms or even exploring the expansive parks located off just about any highway, but sometimes it’s nice to keep them with you when you head into town for a bite.

Family Attractions Card breaks down the local dog friendly hot spots so you can choose from a variety of dining choices when taking the pup out for a day or night on the town.

DISCLAIMER: Most of these locations are limited to the warmer seasons since you’re typically restricted to the patio area, but when the sun is shining, there’s no better place to be!


If your dog doesn’t mind crossing a few busy streets, there are plenty of venues to entertain you and your dog in downtown St. Louis. If you’re starting off on Locust Street, swing by Rooster for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy a European-style dining experience. Then, head around the corner for your post-meal coffee and dessert at Park Avenue Coffee. Your pup won’t mind if you accidentally drop some of their house-made Gooey Butter Cake under the table…

A similar experience awaits you down Washington Avenue with Flannery’s Pub offering a sports bar experience for the pet lover. It’s right next to Blondie’s Coffee and Wine Bar which also happens to be particularly hospitable to your four-legged pal and has the perfect drink to start or finish your day.


You can count on Kaldi’s Coffeehouse in Clayton to look after your dog with a pet friendly patio that lets you finish reading the paper before your pup tries to eat it. Clayton offers some magnificent patio spaces to people-watch or enjoy an extended visit with friends and their own canines.

Café Napoli is a great choice for a swanky cocktail mixed with some fresh Italian specialties. But if you prefer a wine-centric location that offers a taste of the Mediterranean, try Remy’s Kitchen and Wine Bar.


There’s no shortage of great neighborhoods to walk through in St. Louis, but Old Webster is among the best. You can have two unique nights out with your puppy by exploring the different ends of Webster. Start with cocktails or specialty coffees at Cyrano’s Cafe in Webster and head over to the Big Sky Café for dinner – or do the reverse!

On your next night out, stick to the other side of Lockwood and visit Robust Wine Bar for a wine o’clock happy hour followed by a meaty meal at The Block, a neighborhood butcher shop and bar that puts as much care into their cocktails as they do into their cuts.


It doesn’t get much better than a leisurely stroll through The Hill, St. Louis’s vibrant Italian neighborhood that has enough restaurants to feed a small city. Biggie’s Restaurant & Bar is one of the first places you’ll see when entering from South City. Their outdoor seating makes way for your pets. Further into The Hill, you’ll find Anthonino’s Taverna whose Italian classics were featured on the Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Two more dog friendly restaurants are located nearby on Shaw Avenue, but their menu crosses over the Italian border and ventures into nearby regions. Modesto is famous for their Spanish influence and delicious tapas while Guido’s Pizzeria & Tapas supplements their Italian menu with Mediterranean cuisine.


If you’re looking for something to do before Purina’s annual Pooches in the Ballpark game, check out Soulard and discover just how dog-friendly this trendy neighborhood can be. Soulard Coffee Garden Caféprovides a place to sit back and take in the sights and sounds while enjoying breakfast or receiving a much-needed java jolt.

From there, you’ll find almost every restaurant in town with a patio is accepting of your furry friend. All you have to worry about is what kind of food mood you’re in. Places of note include Hammerstone’s, Molly’s, Llewellyn’s and Bogart’s Smokehouse.


Take your pup down the St. Louis Walk of Fame in The Loop and visit some pet-friendly venues along the way. Blueberry Hill has a patio and expansive menu with your name on it so you and your pooch can sit back and watch the eccentric sights and sounds that make The Loop famous. Or visit Cicero’s and enjoy pizza, pasta or burgers out front while your dog enjoys the large water bowls and treats they hand out.

Toward Skinker Boulevard, you’ll find Three Kings Public House makes a fine stopping place for a brew as you continue your journey towards the Eclipse Restaurant for dinner. Enjoy your food on the available sidewalk or patio seating, and if the meal tires you out, take advantage of pet-friendly accommodations at the attached Moonrise Hotel.


Urban Chestnut Brewing Company on Manchester in the Grove is happy to allow well-behaved dogs inside if you’re looking for a break from patio life. And The Boathouse in Forest Park isn’t just famous for its view along the lake – it’s also a premium spot to enjoy lunch with your best friend when you’re not strolling through the beautiful park setting.

If you have a favorite restaurant that isn’t featured on this list and has a patio – chances are they’re happy to accommodate you and your pup. (Always call ahead to be sure!)