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Top 5 BBQ Restaurants in St. Louis
Jan 30

Top 5 Barbecue Restaurants in St. Louis

by Family Attractions Card in Local Eats category

BBQ in St. Louis

Barbecue. Talk about a St. Louis favorite and one heck of a hearty meal. When it comes to barbecue in St. Louis, these restaurants pull out all the stops. In fact, these juicy joints spare no expense and spare no rib (pun intended) in order to deliver those sweet n’ smoky flavors you love.

Barbecue is as authentic as it gets here in the Lou. From slow-smoked meats paired perfectly with local sauces and seasonings to St. Louis originals like pork steak; these barbecue crews and pitmasters are doing things right. They care about their craft, which earns them each a spot on our list as some of the best.

1. Pappy’s Smokehouse

3106 Olive St, St. Louis, MO 63103

Pappy's Smokehouse

Photo credit: Pappy’s Smokehouse

Pappy’s Smokehouse brings the heat, literally. They slow-smoke their meats 14 hours before they serve it, all done over either sweet apple or cherry wood for that sweet and savory flavor combination. Top it all off with your choice of one of their signature sauces – original, sweet, hot and hoodoo. We recommend getting in line early.

2. Sugarfire Smoke House

605 Washington Ave, St. Louis, MO 63101

Sugarfire Smoke House

Photo credit: Sugarfire Smoke House

Chef Mike Johnson and Carolyn Downs of Cyrano’s came together to create Sugarfire Smoke House and now they’re in three locations in and around St. Louis. They’re best known for their brisket, Memphis-style ribs and grass-fed burgers, but they don’t skimp on the sides and milkshakes either.

3. Adam’s Smokehouse

2819 Watson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63139

Adam's Smokehouse

Photo Credit: Adam’s Smokehouse

As the folks at Adam’s Smokehouse would say, “low and slow is the way to go.” They pride themselves on their methods: every meat is smoked, torched, caramelized and cooked to absolute perfection. And if you haven’t tried their salami, you’re in for a treat.

4. Bogart’s Smokehouse

1627 S 9th St, St. Louis, MO 63104

Bogart's Smokehouse

Photo credit: Bogart’s Smokehouse

The pitmaster at Bogart’s Smokehouse isn’t blowing smoke; all of their meats are prepped and smoked for a full 24 hours, guaranteeing the freshest flavor experience. Smoky, sweet, savory, spicy, you name it; they’ve got it all. You might pull up to a line going out the door but don’t worry, they move fast. And the apricot glazed ribs are worth it.

5. Salt + Smoke

6525 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130

Salt + Smoke

Photo credit: Salt + Smoke

Four words: cracker mac and cheese. If for some insane reason the barbecue at Salt + Smoke doesn’t keep you coming back for more, that amazing side dish definitely will. But we’re convinced that you’ll be a fan of the ultimate trifecta of foods: BBQ, Bourbon and Beer. And it’s waiting for you down in the Delmar Loop.