Oct 20

Top 5 Haunted Houses in St. Louis

by Family Attractions Card in News category

You know it’s the fall season when by day, you plop the kids in the Radio Flyer to wheel them around the pumpkin patch in matching knit sweaters and by night, you ditch your caramel apple image of autumn to willingly enter a haunted house where fog machines conceal creepy characters just out of sight. And St. Louis has its fair share of eerie locales. With Halloween right around the corner, your weekend plans just got spooky!

Fair warning, these haunts aren’t for the faint of heart or your little trick-or-treaters!

For those thrill-seeking souls brave enough to explore the most sinister spots around town, look no further than the top 5 haunted houses in St Louis.1. Six Flags St. Louis

Our final pick is unlike any other “traditional” haunted house setting. St. Louis Escape was rated the number one Escape Room in the city and this season features the Curse of the Mummy Escape! You only have 60 minutes after the doors are shut to make your way out of the haunted tombs by solving the puzzles and clues that lead to your freedom. If you think that’s too easy, take your pick of different themes like Run Away Subway, Haunted Hotel or Cellar Escape.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM THE FAMILY ATTRACTIONS CARD! Whatever you and your family choose to do this Halloween, Family Attractions Card hopes you have a safe and frighteningly good time!